Re-living the glory days

As I’m sat here typing this, I’m listening to Sacred Reich’s ‘The American Way’The American Way, pure class album. loved it to death back in the day and played until the vinyl was trashed. Somehow listening to it takes me back to that time in my life, but it still moves me too. Shame the band called it a day in 2000.

Since going on-line I’ve loved the opportunity to get hold of the ‘old skool’ stuff I used to listen to (Still haven’t managed to get hold of Mordred though, I need to hear ‘Esse quam videre’ again!), and indeed the new music it’s allowed me to hear. But it has to be said there’s something for nostalgia, I’m still a Thrasher at heart, and those same old classic albums still move me in the same way, just hearing some of them takes me back. It got me wondering recently though, how much of it is just loving it for old time’s sake? How much of it became ingrained? Take the above mentioned ‘Sacred Reich’ for example. ‘The American Way’ – love it, and ‘Independant’ same there, but listen to the newer album for the first time ‘Heal’, and it didn’t do so much for me. Is that because the other’s have a special place in my heart? Or will it too grow into a classic for me?


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