Irrational desire

Now this could well just be February blues, but I’ve found my mind wandering of late, on a couple of things in particular – Cars and Bikes.

Let’s start with the car. I’ve just had my 206 Pug serviced and MOT’d and it’s running like a dream at the mo, considering it’s only got a little 1.4 engine it certainly gives a spirited drive and I actually quite like it, although I know there are many that will point out it’s flaws, such as the driving position which I personally find fine. Well, when I bought it I had come close to getting something else, but instead decided on spending the money on the house, and also it wasn’t as practical for small kids at the time, but now it would probably be OK. So I find myself fantasising about a Mini Cooper

I don’t know what it is about them, but I think they look great, a cooper S would be a bit much really, so a standard Cooper will do me fine, and there’s something about them in red with bonnet stripes. I know I can’t really afford it now, but I think when I can, I’m going to have to get one, just cause I love them so much. No, I’m not completely insane, I have actually driven one a few times too and they handle fantastically and are really great fun. I like the mix of retro styling with new touches.

Anyway, on to the other thing – bikes.

Currently I’m riding a rather lovely Cotic Soda Titanium hardtail. I’ve always wanted a bit of Ti, and it’s great. Yet, for some reason I’m lusting after one of these:


Particularly in that colour, it looks lush.

As with the Cooper above, do I really need one? Probably not. Can I afford one? Probably not. But who cares, I’m male and as such tend to lust after material goods, and these are just the latest 2 on my collection.


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