Well done Lewis!

Melbourne podium 2007 - Lewis/Alonso

This is a bit late as it’s been a hectic week for me, but thought I’d better commit it really. One of the things I was looking forward to for the new F1 season was seeing how Lewis Hamilton would do, and what can I say? A podium from your first race – not bad for the F1 rookie! He did well holding off Alonso until the 2nd pit stop, and his manoeuvre on the 1st corner was pure class, he looked perfectly natural like he’d been in F1 for years. I was really impressed with the way he carried himself off all week, and there is something endearing about his boyish enthusiasm for it all. I know it’s only 1 race in so far, but could it be ‘goodbye Jenson’ and ‘Hello Lewis’ for our British hopes?

Having said all of that, I did come away from the weekend with a rather strange feeling. Lewis qualified an impressive 4th on the grid, and yet somehow I felt disappointed he hadn’t done better. Likewise, a podium finish was fabulous and yet, I wish he’d managed to hold on to 2nd, and let’s face it wouldn’t a win from a British rookie in his first race of been fantastic? Am I the only one feeling this and thinking like this? I doubt it, and then surely that’s a lot of hope and expectation on the young Brits shoulders. I just hope that level of pressure doesn’t spoil things, and he goes on to be what I think he’s capable of – our next British F1 champion. I am convinced we will see more of him on the podium this year, including the top step.


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