New street circuits for 2008

I’ve alwasy loved Monaco and am a fan of street circuits in general, the previous rumours of a London circuit after the London demo day got me all excited, but that seems to of died away unfortunately. However, we now have the promise of 2 new circuits on the F1 calendar for 2008, and both of them are street circuits – fantastic!


First up we get the news that Valencia will be hosting the European GP on a street circuit, despite the circuit on the outskirts of the city regularly used for testing by the teams. I don’t quite understand how Spain is getting 2 races when Bernie is keen to spread his net far and wide, and so far the trend has been away from countries having 2 races. I suppose some of it must be the ‘World Champion effect’, a bit galling though when Britain may have to share it’s slot with France in the future.

Next we get the announcement that Singapore will host a street race also, but this one by night. There had been stories about night races circling for a while, and it makes sense out in some of the far flung destinations as they will be aired at a more Europe friendly time. I’m not convinced by the concept myself, apparently the streets will be floodlit, to a level of light not dissimilar to daylight, so what’s the point then? Then again, having seen some Le Mans racing on TV at night, there isn’t much to see. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like, but I’ll reserve judgement – still good to see another street circuit though. I just hope that they go with about 20 fixtures for next year, I find the really busy years much more enjoyable, and I think it gives more opportunity for a year long fight on points and the development battle to make a difference.


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