With nothing much else on I stumbled across the ‘Seven Ages of Rock’ on BBC2 on Saturday night, having unfortunately missed the Metal episode the other week, it was the rise of Alternative Rock.

I never realised the relationship between REM and Nirvana, and it was great seeing old Black Flag, and Rollins in interview. I’ll have to dig out some of that stuff, Rollins Rocks!!!!

Nevermind cover

Thing is, as I watched I remembered how great Nirvana were. Bleach wasn’t that great, but somehow with Nevermind everything clicked. Every song on that album is great, and more than that it defined a moment in time. For me personally at that age it made sense, but from the popularity, I wasn’t the only one. It seemed that a whole generation of dis-affected youth could identify with the sound, and the message in the lyrics (Worrying as I listen back to some of them now). I dusted it off and gave it a spin tonight, and it’s still just as good, and dare I say, just as relevant. OK so it took that genre to the mainstream, which spoilt our nice little niche, but so what, it was that good it should be shared.

I was melancholy by the end, and dare I say it shed tear. It’s a real shame that Kurt felt the despair he did, just think where the band would’ve been now? What would the song writing be like? So if you’ve got a copy, dig it out, slap it on, and just say thanks for the time he gave us.


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