Bad News, Good News!

Rob Flynn

After the bad news that ‘Bullet for my Valentine’ would no longer be on the Metallica support slot at Wembley, I was rather pleased to find that ‘Machine Head’ were now on the bill. The new Machine head album is stonking, and the last time I heard ‘Davidian’ live was Donnington many years ago, so that’ll be cool. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see ‘BfmV’ some other time, and I wish Matt Tuck a speedy recovery to his tonsillectomy, and look forward to the follow up to ‘The Poison’ which they will be putting the finishing touches to once he is recovered.

Matt Tuck


One Response to “Bad News, Good News!”

  1. Dan Says:

    Bad news!? The fact that BFmV were cancelled was a blessing, it’s a shame that HIM weren’t either. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if people want to go and see these bands, it’s just when I go to see Metallica (and I did attend that gig, infact I queued since 9.30am to get into the Golden Circle) I really don’t want them to be supported by emo bands who have no place supporting the most influential metal band in the world. Machine Head were a far, far more appropriate support, and HIM should have been replaced with a band such as Apocalyptica, Children of Bodom, etc.

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