British GP Analysis

A very busy week so a bit late.

I got home from Metallica at nearly 1am and then had to watch teh GP before anyone let things slip at work.

Off the line Hamilton held his position well, in a hard but fair fashion, but it was pretty obvious from the off that Raikonnen was fast. It was only going to be a matter of time.

Massa was brilliant moving through the back of the field, I’m still impressed by how much of a challenger he is now proving to be, and managing to keep Raikonnen honest in the team. Raiklonnen himself gained on Hamilton, and took a couple of looks at a pass, particularly at Brooklands which came close to disaster, eventually though electing to really push when Hamilton pitted and take him.

However, when it came to Raikonnen’s turn to pit Alonso showed he shouldn’t be ignored yet, as he took the lead. Hamilton continued to struggle and it seemed he ‘settled’ for third fairly early on so it was down to Alonso and Raikonnen to battle it out. Whilst pitting early had given Alonso the lead, it meant he had a short middle stint. He was unable to extend his lead far enough, and when he pitted for the 2nd time, Raikonnen again pushed hard and took the lead after his stop.

Hats off to Raikonnen, he raced a good race, and accordingly took the victory. Ferarri had the faster car on the day, although to some extent McLaren underperformed due to graining. It comes to something when I’ve gone away from the race disappointed that Hamilton ‘only’ finished third. Of course it’s disappointing he didn’t take the win, but then he’s been on the podium every single one of his 9 races so far. He also showed a certain amount of maturity ‘settling’ for third rather than pushing too much with a poorly balanced car and throwing it all away.


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