Metallica – Wembley Stadium July 8th 2007


What a blinding gig! Considering their collective age, that is the best performance I’ve seen from the mighty Metallic.

I have to say that I was impressed with the new Wembley Stadium as a venue, and getting in turned out to be easy despite what we had heard, well served by the tube too, although the access ramps were a bit messy with rubbish from the Live Earth concert (Oh the irony!).

We’d actually made good time and as such caught the first support act, Mastodon. It would be fair to say I wish we hadn’t, their sound quality wasn’t great which didn’t help, but it really didn’t do it for me.

Next up were Machine Head, now this I was looking forward to. Again the sound wasn’t perfect, but that wasn’t going to stop Rob and the boys, they thundered through their set and Rob owned the place – should I of expect any different? Halo stood out, but Davidian was astounding, particularly with a fair proportion of the crowd shouting ‘Let Freedom ring with a shotgun blast!’.

I didn’t really fancy seeing HIM so decided it was time for a comfort break and a beer, the queues were sufficiently long that I missed the whole set – what a shame 😉

The crowd was getting rampant as we waited for Metallica to hit the stage, every time the music lulled we cheered, but no, it was a false hope, then finally they were on. The fun kicked off with Creeping death, and then quickly into For Whome the Bell Tolls. Metallica were on form and clearly loving the crowd. The presence of large monitors also helped now, giving a chance to see more of what was going on, and keep an eye during Kirk’s solos, and of course see some of what Rob was up to. I can’t remember the full set list, but suffice to say it avoided most of the rubbish and had plenty of classis, highlights included:


The full ‘…and Justice for all’, the full ‘Orion’ (Touching tribute to Cliff from James at the end), the sing along at the end of ‘The Memory Remains’ , the whole of ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Battery’, hearing ‘No leaf clover’, full ‘Four Horsemen’, ‘Disposable Heroes’ (Bizare background vid on the monitors, slap and pop in Rob’s bass solo, a mighty ‘Fade to black’, ‘One’ and all the pyros.

Come the end, James said they had 10 mins left, so they kicked into ‘Whiplash’ and ended with ‘Seek and Destroy’. Absolutely brilliant.


Now lets hope they paid attention and realised how much everyone loves the old songs, and solos, take the drum kit out of a dustbin and record a proper album again this time. Still, I’ll be there again next year anyway when they play, and I’m just waiting for the recording of the show to be released on LiveMetallica for me to download.


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