German Gp – Wacky Races

Wacky races

OK, I was shocked when Hamilton went off in qualifying, after being annoyed at Buttons poor performance when Honda had looked promising this came as a double blow. Personally I’m not convinced by the official line about the failing gun.

Come race day I admit I was hoping that Hamilton would be able to do something but couldn’t see how having tumbled to 10th, likewise I was hoping that Button would be able to hit the points again, and even Coulthard was showing some promise. As they barelled into the 1st corner, Hamilton flew up to 4th, only to then be pushed wide as the BMWs decided to try and take each other out – what were they playing at? BMW are still going well and really don’t need their drivers doing that sort of thing! Unfortunately Hamilton picked up a rear puncture at this point and had to limp round the lap, but that was nothing anyway as the heavens opened and the silliness began. In the wet conditions Raikonnen managed to misjudge his braking and miss the pit lane, meaning he had to gingerly find his way round another lap on dry tyres, effectively race over. The rest of the grid slapped on Intermediates, only to find the rain was worse than that. Button, Hamilton, Sutil and both Torro Rossos aquaplaned off the track at turn 1, while Liuzzi nearly hit the safety car. Amazingly after all of this, Markus Winkelhock took the lead on his first race, having had the advantage of starting from the pit lane on Inters.

The Red flags came out and the race was suspended with the dangerous conditions, and six cars in the run-off area. Amazingly Hamilton had kept his engine running, and with his car in a dangerous position was allowed a bump start back onto the track (Remember Schumacher doing the same?), and started from 17th for the re-start. As the race got going again behind the safety car, under the new regulations Hamilton was allowed to un-lap himself, and once ahead of the safety car pitted, gambling with dry tyres. It could of been a masterstroke, but alas was not, the track wasn’t ready yet and he struggle round, and spent the rest of the afternoon chasing the last of the points, and narrowly missing out.

Winkelhock fell down the placings and Massa took the lead, and looked certain to stay there, whilst Raikonnen regained some luck, pitting early for slicks and moving up to 3rd and chasing Alonso, both men putting in fastest laps. However, his luck didn’t last, as his car developed a fault at half way, and he ended up pulling off just as he was approaching the pits. Webber and Wurz’s battle for fourth now became a battle for 3rd.

As everything looked settled for the finish of the races, in the dying laps the heavens opened again briefly, although not as bad. Alonso was not much faster on the wet track, and incredibly brave as he caught Massa and then looked for a way past, finally taking him round the outside of turn 5. Think that was enough? As Webber came to complete the race he struggled in standing water and seemed to almost come to a standstill as Wurz closed on him, somehow Webber got it back together to take 3rd.


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