Brazilian GP – Interlagos – 21-10-07

The race to end the season, and more controversy in the run up.

The FIA announced that there would be an official present in the McLaren garage to ensure both drivers are treated equally.  I can’t believe that the FIA felt they needed to interfere in this fashion, and considering some of the actions by other teams in the past I’m amazed at the way McLaren have been treated generally.

Then McLaren got it wrong with tyres in free practice, fortunately the decision made in the end was the right one in my opinion, a fine for the team.

So on to the race.  Raikkonen had a brilliant start and was alongside Hamilton off the line, and with Raikkonen squirming under hard braking, Hamilton was forced to brake giving Alonso the chance he needed into turn 2.  Hamilton should of just settled for 4th and driven it home, but the competitive spirit seemed to get the better of him, maybe he just wanted one over Alonso after everything that has happened, he tried to take 3rd back from Alonso at turn 3, the hard way, outbraked himself and took to the run off area.  I was on the edge of my seat as he lost places, but rejoined around 8th – still manageable from there.  However it all began to fall apart as a gearbox glitch left him with no gears on lap 8 and Hamilton quickly slid backwards through the field, managing to regain use of gears but now in 18th position.  He made a valiant fight back, taking 4 places in one lap.  A roll of the dice to run a short stint on the softer tyres, and hopefully therefore have better grip with the harder tyres towards the end of the race as everyone else struggled on the softer tyres.  Ultimately it wasn’t to be, managing to get to 7th.  This result would of been sufficient had Raikkonen finished second, but staying out a few laps longer than Massa he took the lead and kept it to the end, meaning Hamilton needed 5th.

Hamilton lost the championship by 1 point with a tally of 109, equal on points to Alonso.

It has to be said that this was still an amazing result for a rookie, and with the trials that have hit the team still a fantastic result.  Somehow it was a fitting end to an incredible championship, a truly scintillating race.  I’m no doubt that Hamilton will come back fighting and is destined to be a champion of the future.  I’m happy that Raikkonen ultimately won the championship having come close twice before, he deserves a win and it is better to see him take the title than Alonso take a 3rd after what we have seen from him this year.


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