More irrational desire!

I’ve seen this rather tasty looking new Cove Hustler:
Jummy prototype Cove Hustler

Except it isn’t a Hustler at all! Apparently it’s a prototype 6″ frame based on the STD and Shocker frames, it just happens to have a Hustler sticker on it, and rumour suggest it’s a different sticker the other side! According to Silverfish UK, responsible for importing Cove, it’s more likely to be a part of the 2009 line-up, which means production models may be seen by summer 2008. Just as well really, as I absolutely love the look of it and want one! Can’t justify why at all, I just do, so the wait might give me time to save up. I’m really hoping that isn’t a prototype colour as well, I’m calling it pistachio green and think it’s the dogs danglies, although Sassy pink might look good too 😉

Cove will still be doing the Hustler…

Cove still doing the Hustler


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