Quelle Surprise!

So Alonso is leaving McLaren – didn’t see that coming! 🙄

It’s hardly big news, although it comes days after his manager stated he wouldn’t be pushed out.  The big question now is where is he off to?  One rumour has him going to Ferarri in 2009, but I’m not convinced by that.  Back to Renault seems a fairly obvious choice, or will he do a Schumacher and go to an under performing team to try and turn the around?  Toyota would certainly throw him plenty of money.  But what about Red Bull, or even Honda?  A driver swap with Honda could be good, moving Button to McLaren for an all Brit line up and Button at last getting a decent car under him.  Still strongest suggestion seems to be a move to Williams for a year before moving on to another team.

Part of me would of liked to see McLaren keep him under contract and force him to sit on the sidelines for 2008 whilst running another driver.


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