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Blade Runner – Final Cut

November 8, 2007

The film that started it all!

Hell yeah – look at this!

Big box set

A true classic that has stood up remarkably well to time, I’ll be rushing to the shops when it’s released on 3rd December.


Aliens vs Predator – Requiem

September 11, 2007

I’m a huge fan of the Aliens films, and for me the first Trilogy were the defining films (Yes I even enjoyed the 3rd film). The Predator films weren’t such a big deal for me, but still enjoyable, and of course the hint of things to come in the trophy room in Predator 2 was nice. I also read the comics and of course therefore read Aliens Vs Predator.

When I first heard of the AvP film I was excited at the possibility of a film that might do the Aliens some justice again, alas it was not to be as the film played to a younger teen audience. It was enjoyable to a fashion, but not really enough. Rumours abounded of footage on the cutting room, that would make it’s way into an 18 certificate DVD release, but it never materialised.

Then the other day, my good friend Jimbo mentioned having seen the R rated trailer for Aliens Vs Predator – Requiem. Oh yes! My appetite has been well and truly whetted, this looks like what the first one should of been, proper gory deaths, and plenty of them by the looks, something to do the Alien series justice perhaps? Now I can’t wait until it’s released, this one will definitely have to be seen at the cinema and enjoyed properly.

Head over to to enjoy…


Official site doesn’t seem to be showing it at the mo, re-directing to IGN